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Almost all of  the images on this site are ours and we hold the copyright.   Where the images are clearly much older, they are from an extensive collection taken by our Uncle,  Eric Thompson, in the 1960s and 1970s, which we are in the process of scanning.   We have also recently acquired a collection of images made by Graham and Joan James in the 1980s and 1990s, and these will be used increasingly on the site.  Please respect the appropriate copyright rules and contact us about any images you may wish to use elsewhere.  

Our other websites

www.usmk.net - for information about our own family tree.

www.usmkfamilyhistory.com - for an overview of all of our research and a list of almost all the main surnames we have researched and the areas in which those people lived.          

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We only ever intended to research our own immediate family when we started out over 40 years ago, but that was not to be.   The fascination of tracing more distant parts of the family, and the families they married into, has resulted in research in many more counties of the United Kingdom than we ever anticipated we would need to see.  And then, along came friends who wanted to know about their families too and we found ourselves spending a vast amount of our lives researching new family trees.  We now have information from counties all over the country.   

With so much information gathered, we felt we should share some of that with others. Each page deals with a parish, town or village and lists those people we have researched with their year of birth or baptism.  Recently, we added any gravestones we have photographed and any wills we have read or transcribed relevant to the place.  If any name seems familiar to you (and we do concede the chances are slight), then please get in touch.  If we can provide a little information that will help with your research, then we will be pleased to do so, but we will not hand out entire family trees.  We believe, as was suggested to us by an experienced researcher when we started our own tree back in 1979, that the thrill of the chase is what makes this hobby so compulsive, so, still following his example, we are happy to provide one or two steps to help researchers to find a “lost” relative or solve a mystery.

Remember that what we send is only our interpretation of what we find.  Every piece of information should be checked against the original.  We aim to be thorough, but we are only human!  Please note that all counties are pre 1974, so some towns and villages may not be in the county in which you would find them today. (N.B. Where abbreviations are made to county names, Chapman County Codes are used.)

Images by Eric Thompson

Images by Eric Thompson

Images by Graham and Joan James

Images by Graham and Joan James

As well as offering help from work we have already done, we are also keen to keep researching new trees.  If you would be interested in having a more extended piece of work done for you, then do get in touch, but we would also be pleased to help if you would just like another viewpoint on an elusive ancestor.   The information we already have is offered freely, but we are also willing to do some longer pieces of work for little more than a sum to cover expenses.  This is a hobby, not a business, and we’d be happy to discuss any project, no matter how big or small.  




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