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About this site

Our first website, People and Places, covers the vast amount of information that we have gathered over more than thirty years about our main areas of research - Cumberland, Northumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Norfolk and Suffolk.  But, after so long, the fascination with tracing more distant parts of the family, and the families they married into, has resulted in research in many more counties of the United Kingdom than we ever anticipated we would need to see.  A large number of the people listed on this site are not related to us, but we happen to have learnt about them along the way.  Of course, the odds that anyone of interest to you will be here are very slim, but you can never tell!  The original site became so large, that it has now been subdivided into areas to enable the files to be more manageable when adding information, which is a frequent occurrence.  

If any name seems familiar to you, then please get in touch.  If we can provide a little information that will help with your research, then we will be pleased to do so, but we will not hand out entire family trees.  We believe, as was suggested to us by an experienced researcher when we started our own tree back in 1979, that the thrill of the chase is what makes this hobby so compulsive, so, still following his example, we are happy to provide one step to help researchers to find a “lost” relative or solve a mystery.  But do remember, what we send is only our interpretation of what we find.  Every piece of information should be checked against the original.  We aim to be thorough, but we are only human!  Where we have visited a village or parish, there will be a separate page listing the people who were born there.  Any others will be listed on the relevant county page. Please note that all counties are pre 1974, so some towns and villages may not be in the county in which you would find them today. (N.B. Where abbreviations are made to county names, Chapman County Codes are used.)

Almost all the images on this site are ours.  Where the images are clearly much older, they are from an extensive collection taken by our Uncle,  Eric Thompson, in the 1960s and 1970s, which we are in the process of scanning.   Please respect the appropriate copyright rules and contact us about any images you may wish to use elsewhere.  

Our other websites

www.usmk.co.uk - for the counties of Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Norfolk and Suffolk - our main research areas.

www.usmk.net  - for information about our own family tree.  You will also find searchable databases here, containing baptisms, marriages, burials and wills we have collected over 35 years.


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