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Cookies and Privacy Policies

Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies.  Cookies are small text files which are placed on your hard drive by the websites.  On these websites, the only function they have is to collect the IP address of your computer to that the number of visitors, and those who return, can be counted so that we can evaluate which pages are visited.  We use:

Bravenet -  to enable us to immediately see how many people have accessed our sites and whether they are first time or returning visitors.  No personal information is gathered and we will only know that you have accessed our sites if you directly contact us.  

Google Analytics - counts page hits and anonymously tracks  users as they move around the site, but also cannot identify who you personally are.  Google Analytics does more analysis, lets us see how well our sites are performing and whether they are mobile friendly and functioning correctly.   Again, we will only know that you personally have visited our sites if you contact us for more information.

Our cookie warnings also have cookies which remember that you have visited previously and avoid the cookie warning appearing every time you access the site.  

This website uses session cookies and statistical cookies.  There is no advertising on this site.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, modern browsers can easily be set  to reject them.  If you need further information about this, it can easily be found using a search engine or by viewing

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Privacy Policy

As stated, no personal information is gathered at any time on this website and we will only know that you personally have seen our site if you decide to write to us.  If you do write to us, we will not pass on your email address or name to anyone else without your express permission. If you provide us with information related to any of the names or places recorded on our websites, we will not add it to the current information without your express permission.  We may keep your email address to forward any additional information which we find, but will delete that address if you wish us to do so.  

Terms and Conditions

All information provided by us to you is given on the understanding that we believe it to be correct, but that it must be checked against original genealogical documentation for total accuracy.  All research has been done by us and has not been provided by any other researcher.  If our information is used elsewhere, we would request that it is acknowledged who did the original research. We would also request that it is not just passed on to others but that, instead, anyone with an interest is directed to our website.   We do not provide a look-up service and will only supply information which we have personally collected.

All images and text are copyright Lynne Hall and Alison France.  If you would like copies of our photographs, then please ask  and we will usually be happy to provide a high resolution copy for personal use.   This applies to both modern and historic images, as many of  the older photographs have been restored by us.  

If we provide information which proves to be correct and helps you , please give credit where it is due.